Your eyes are our only focus!

Surgery of the Eye is a precise, ophthalmologic discipline requiring a high level of specialized care. The professional staff at our fully-accredited, outpatient, Ocular Surgery Center is here to serve you. We offer you and your loved ones an alternative to the impersonal and chaotic experience commonly encountered at hospitals and multi-specialty surgery centers.

The Ocular Surgery Center is dedicated only to you and your eyes.

Whether you are having a cataract procedure performed to see better, or a blepharoplasty (“Eyelid lift”) to look better, our highly qualified specialty-trained surgeons have the skill and experience you expect and deserve.


At the Ocular Surgery Center of San Antonio, we strive to make this day as smooth and comfortable as possible. Remember, it’s all about you!

You will need to bring the following documents:

  • Current Driver’s License or photo ID
  • Current insurance ID card
  • Any associated co-pays or insurance deductible payments

Kindly review and follow the following suggestions:

  • Wear comfortable loosely fitting clothing and shoes
  • Leave jewelry at home, including any piercings and/or earrings.
  • Avoid any facial creams, makeup or nail polish.
  • If you wear corrective lenses, bring a contact lens or glasses case.
  • Continue your regular medications unless instructed otherwise by your doctor.
  • Don’t eat, drink or smoke prior to surgery.

Please arrange for a friend or family member to remain in our waiting room during your procedure.

If they must leave kindly have them inform the personnel at the front desk.

You cannot drive yourself for 24 hours following your procedure.

You must also have someone to assist you during this period.

When you are preparing for an operation on your eyes, we understand how emotional the experience can be. We strive to provide comfort, compassion and confidentiality.